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Susanne Geiger
Meisterin im Gold- und Silberschmiedehandwerk

Am Schlosspark 103
65203 Wiesbaden


Phone: +49(0)6114503286
Mobile: +49(0)1713134456
Email: feilgold@web.de


Member of Forum für Schmuck und Design

Member of Bundesverband Kunsthandwerk

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Dispute Resolution

Online dispute resolution

The European Commission provides an online dispute resolution platform at https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/ that consumers can use to resolve a dispute and where more information on dispute resolution can be found.

Out-of-court dispute resolution

We are neither obligated nor willing to participate in dispute resolution proceedings before a consumer arbitration board in the event of a dispute with a consumer.

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Soul Pieces:

  • Namibia: all photos ©Alessa Pärn
  • Fingerprint: all photos ©Alessa Pärn
  • Choker & Ring: all photos ©Alessa Pärn
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  • Old Coin: all photos ©Susanne Geiger
  • Small Box: all photos ©Susanne Geiger
  • Found Stone: all photos ©Susanne Geiger
  • Tourmaline: all photos ©Susanne Geiger
  • Dragon: all photos ©Susanne Geiger
  • Necklace of Old Beads: all photos ©Susanne Geiger
  • Marble Necklace: all photos ©Susanne Geiger
  • New Gold Chain: all photos ©Susanne Geiger

Goldsmiths: slider: photo 1 (hammer)©Iris Kaczmarczyk, photo 2 (gems)©Alessa Pärn, photo 3 (workbench)©Iris Kaczmarczyk, photo 4 (anvil)©Iris Kaczmarczyk, photo 5 (door sign) ©Susanne Geiger, photo 6 (fleet old)©unknown, photo 6 (fleet today)©Iris Kaczmarczyk, photos gems: Rock crystal and rose quartz©Alessa Pärn, all others©Susanne Geiger

Susanne Geiger: all photos ©Iris Kaczmarczyk

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